Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few discoveries I've made within the first several days of my new Vegan lifestyle.. Well one shock is that my Dad is being surprisingly supportive! And to my delight my boyfriend has come around to the idea, so long as I never say anything along the lines of 'do you know how many cows had to die so you could eat that burger' which I would never say anyhow. Just as much as I hope people will respect my choices in food, I respect anyone who chooses to still eat meat/dairy. We've all been brought up eating these foods and people get very sensitive about their steak. If someone asks me questions about my diet and are open to what I have to say I will be more then happy to tell them why I have chosen to become Vegan, but I will NEVER EVER push my Veganism on anyone!

Now with that out of the way I am DYING to tell you about my most delicious breakfast!! Today I did a little experimenting in the kitchen... I made Vegan Pancakes with a mixture I concocted all on my own.
  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • 2 teaspoons of Egg replacer
  • 1 tablespoon of raw sugar
  • So Good Vanilla Bliss
  • 1 Banana chopped into small pieces
  • Cooked in Flexseed oil
  • Strawberry Jam to go on top!
Here is a picture:

Sure they may not 'look' the most appetizing but honestly they were heavenly! Better then any pancakes I've ever had in my entire lifetime!

Also one of my favourite discoveries..
So this beautiful thing right here taste EXACTLY the same as Vanilla Up & Go.. One of my favourite drinks that I thought would be truly missed.. And it just keeps getting better too.
Many people make the silly assumption that Vegans can only eat Fruit and Vege and can live without junk food. Vegans are humans.. I think everyone needs a treat once and a while.. So thank you CHOCULENCE! A non dairy/sugar free chocolate biscuits tasting just as good, if not better then Tim-tams with less then half the calories :) :).

But keeping in mind foods like 'Choculence' will only be consumed on rare occasions as any form of processed foods strays away from the whole 'Organic' concept. Which is something I have to always try and keep in mind.. Eating all (most) foods 'Organic' will be harder then just keeping to the 'Vegan' idea.

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