Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday the 28th March 2010

Since this fine Sunday I did not work my boyfriend and I decided to venture to the coast for breakky. Usually on a Sunday morning we go to our favourite Diamante's Brasserie right near his place at Forest Lake. They do a Vegetarian Breakfast which consists of Sour Dough bread, tomato, egg and spinach. So all I do is substitute the egg for Avocado and ask them to not put butter on my bread then it's a lovely Vegan breakky.
Today we went to Chateaus's Beachside at surfers paradise for their weekend budget breakfast buffet ($12.40 per person). There was every different type of meat.. yey.. not. LUCKILY they had some rice that only had veggies in it, cooked tomato and MUSHROOMS :P yum yum. Second coarse I had some peaches, pineapple and half a banana. Once again I forgot to take a photo.. So sorry.
On the way home I had two Avocado sushi rolls. For afternoon tea I had Avocado on whole meal sour dough bread (with seeds) this I did take a photo of. DELISH!

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