Friday, March 26, 2010

March 27 2010

Definitely a tribulation.
So last night my boyfriend and I went into Brisbane to have dinner with his Mum. His Mum is very supportive of my Veganism.. Gratefully! It took us well over an hour to find somewhere that had something on the menu that could maybe be altered into something Vegan. So we made the order and asked for it without the cheese. However due to the type of food it was this couldn't be done. The woman came over and apologised so much however said cook promises me and 'awesome' salad. And that's exactly what it was. Full of every thing you could ever want, and the woman told me the cook had also made two salad dressings himself just for me. They were both delicious but my favourite was a mix of olive oil and hazel nut. It was AMAZING, the best salad I have tasted in my whole life with the promise of it being completely Vegan. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my dinner.. But I'll be going back, so never fear. They now call it the vegan salad :) So thank you very much to Matt and Blane from Palettes bar and restaurant.

Today I worked at the doctors surgery and told my boss about my veganism and we decided in a months time or so we will send me off for some blood tests to double check i'm not deficient in anything.

Also food of the day would have to be..
Another favourite food I don't have to miss out on. That's the thing.. I could eat all those foods if I wanted. But I don't want.. GROSS.

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