Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have to words for you 'FUNKY FOREST

Forest Fasts
3 Day Silent Fasting Retreats
incorporating Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Forest communion

Forest Fasts were created to give people an opportunity to connect with nature and themselves in silence, and to encourage rejuvenation through fasting and the healing arts in a non-sectarian nurturing, yet disciplined, sanctuary.

Fasting is an ancient practice for the purification of the body, mind and spirit that has been used for thousands of years in many cultures. It is, in fact, the oldest therapeutic method known.
Virtually every religious and healing tradition recommends fasting for health and/or spiritual advantages. All the great founders of religion, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and Lao-Tzu, attained their greatest spiritual experiences after practicing fasting, detachment from desire and meditation.
Health benefits from fasting are many. During a fast, the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the the eliminative organs - lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin - is greatly increased and masses of accumulated toxins are released. Fasting exerts a normalising,
stabilising and rejuvenating effect on all the vital physiological,
nervous and mental functions. The nervous system is rejuvenated; mental powers are improved; glandular chemistry and hormonal secretions are stimulated.

Reasons for Fasting

To overcome emotional attachments to food.
• To cure physical and mental stagnancy, which manifests as poor appetite, digestive disorders, flatulence, constipation, apathy, fatigue, mental depression, and many other chronic ailments.
For purification of the body before a change of diet to better one's health.
• As a seasonal cleansing : the foods eaten during summer and winter are more extreme. Some people find it beneficial to fast soon after the end of these seasons to make the transition smoother into the more moderate seasons of spring and autumn.
• For spiritual reasons: To strengthen one's spiritual practice, prayer or meditation
• To enhance one's mental awareness, sleep and dreams.

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  1. I could so go with one of those right now! hhmmm dont know about the no mobile phone thing tho -_- dont know how I would survive haha.