Saturday, April 3, 2010

So I finally got my copy of 'skinny bitch' and now I am re-reading and highlighting important things. OH AND BTW my boyfriend Mr Carnivore of the year who even ate steak on good friday is VERY KEEN to read 'Skinny Bastard' he was so eager he couldn't wait to get it from the store on monday.. he had to download it Saturday night. He read the first few pages.. smiled at me and said 'I could read this' but he promises me he could never be Vegan. However he is considering cutting out red meat from his diet and saving it for rare or special occasions. This makes me very happy! Of course I love him no matter what he eats but it still feels good to know his health may be in better check! I'm even going to try and see if I can find a milk substitute he'll like since he hates 'soy' and 'rice' milk. ANYWAYS back onto topic.. This is one thing I just read on 'Skinny bitch' I had to share!
'Like it or not our kidneys, colon and liver are ill-equipped to process animal flesh. Compared to carnivores, our intestines are very long, so food that doesn't get adequately processed becomes clogged in our intestines. Animals quickly pass food through their digestive systems, but we have food rotting, decomposing, and fermenting in our intestinal tracts and colons.'
Disgusting don't you think? Imagine that, because our bodies are designed to digest meat it takes longer and rots, decomposes and ferments in our bodies!

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