Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today I have discovered the wonders of SORBET. With only 74 calories per serving and only 10 servings per litre that's only 740 calories in one whole carton.

Weis Lemon Sorbet 

'The Riverland and Queensland regions produce the most lemons in Australia, so naturally we source the lemon juice used in our refreshing Lemon Sorbet from areas like these.
The tangy lemon juice creates a true palate-cleansing effect.  And the zesty flavour in our Lemon Sorbet is thanks to dash of real lemon oil.   
Citrus fruits like lemons are the revolutionaries of the food world because, in the cooking process, they activate change. Their versatility also plays an integral role; the skin, seeds, juice, flesh, blossoms and leaves all contribute to the chemistry of food.
Lemons play a major role as flavour enhancers and when combined in a Sorbet are perfect between courses to balance out the richness of some foods or as a refreshing, uplifting dessert on its own'

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